The Benefits of Begi Constructions



The Benefits of Begi Constructions

Choose a committed partner that will stand by your side!
With over 1500 houses built, we have the experience you need.
No catalogue, only personalised projects. Every house we build is unique!

We visit and inspect each property chosen by our clients to ensure optimal conditions for your construction.

We will inform you about all the latest developments in constructions, such as HPE (high energy performance), THPE (very high energy performance), BBC (low consumption buildings), RT2012 (French thermal regulations), and passive houses.

And we use the LCA-FFB construction contract which guarantees:

– Completion of your project within the planned timeframe
– A fixed price
– A detailed split of any additional costs not covered by the construction contract.

Our projects are built according to the RT2012 thermal regulations, and we support all our clients through the necessary administrative procedures.


The Begi Guarantee

Begi is committed to respecting the LCA-FFB Quality Charter (Les Constructeurs et Aménageurs de la Fédération Française du Bâtiment, the main union of home builders in France).

Our construction projects begin with a detailed analysis of the property we propose, or the property the client has already chosen. Our technical advisors will ensure the feasibility of your project on the property, and we will measure the land in detail and optimise our construction accordingly if necessary.

A beautiful home starts with a thoughtful layout which is adapted to the possibilities your property offers.

With the evolution of materials, technologies and systems of construction, we will provide you with a maximum of information so you can make informed decisions.

Some examples include:

– Central aspiration
– Rainwater recovery system
– Smart home / My home
– Alarms
– Computer powered consumption management

We work with the LCA-FFB contract for the construction of individual houses which respects the necessary legislation and is recognised by the AFEC.

It includes:
– Deposit refund guarantee
– Guarantee of delivery at agreed prices and deadlines
– Property damage insurance

The contract also includes a detailed description of all the work to be undertaken, which will be presented and explained to you in full detail before signing.

For 25 years we have been committed to using only materials and implementation techniques that comply with the latest standards. With a small preference for Alsatian products of course!

The after-sale customer service is provided by our contractors for one year following the completion of your house. The trusted relationship we have with our partners guarantees that we stand by this commitment.